If you are keen on health & fitness and you would enjoy working with a variety of different people, this job could be ideal for you.

Why train with Solar?


Expert trainers and extensive client base, there has never been a better time to start a personal training qualification


Our programmes offer a broader service to your clients, increasing your earning potential, and ultimately be a step ahead in the industry


Offer flexible quality training at times suitable for you

Funding via Advanced learning loans

Advanced Learning

Advanced Learner Loans were introduced by the Government to give people financial support for tuition costs and mean that if someone takes out a loan they will not have to pay for their course or qualification in advance. The loan is only repaid once they have completed the course and are earning more than £21,000 a year.

Who can get an Advanced Learner Loan?

Individuals are eligible for an Advanced Learning Loan if they:
Are over 19 at the start of their course (there is no upper age limit)
Are a UK resident
Have not previously had a loan to do the same qualification type and level of qualification
Loans are not means-tested or subject to credit checks and anyone who meets the criteria can apply for a loan irrespective of their employment status.

To become a personal trainer you would first need to be a fitness instructor with a high level of experience and recognised qualifications.

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